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Credentialing Process

Step 1: Initiate Your Journey

Begin by discussing your interest in the CAMS-Exhorter, MIP-Ordained Minister, or Ordained Bishop program with your Senior Pastor. This conversation is your first step towards your goal.

Step 4: Application Submission

Return the completed application to the state office, including:

  • A $150 payment (covering a $100 background check and a $50 application fee)

  • An endorsement from your local church

  • A marriage/divorce application, if relevant

Step 2: Document Collection

Have your Senior Pastor reach out to their district overseer or state office to obtain the necessary application documents. This ensures you get the correct paperwork to start.

Click here to contact the office

Step 5: Confirmation and Class Information

Upon submission, you'll receive a confirmation and details about your classes. Remember, you are responsible for acquiring your class materials. Please coordinate with your curriculum coordinator for further guidance.

Step 3: Application Completion

Fill out the application form completely. Attention to detail is crucial—any missing information can delay the process.

Step 6: Completion and Credentialing

After finishing your course, you'll receive a CAMS completion letter or an MIP completion certificate. You'll then be eligible to take your examination. Successful candidates will be awarded their credentials at a NYCOG state event.

**the ordained bishop application does not require a proctored class. Anyone who inquires for the ordained Bishop's exam is required to self-study, and order all materials themselves. When ordained bishop applicants are ready, they may contact the state office to schedule the exam. 

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