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Credentialing Process

Step 1. 

Wether it's CAMS- Exhorter/ MIP-Ordained Minister/Ordained Bishop, the first step is to connect with your Senior Pastor and express interest into your respective program.

Step 4.

Submit your application back to the state office along with:

- $150 fee ($100 background check fee & $50 application fee) 

- Local Church endorsement 

- Marriage/Divorce application (if applicable) 

Step 2. 

Your senior pastor must contact the state office to acquire the appropriate documents. 

Click here to contact the office

Step 5. 

Once everything is submitted, you'll receive confirmation, and information pertaining to your respective classes. Please note- class materials are not covered or ordered by the state office. Please connect with your curriculum coordinator for more information** 


Step 3. 

Once your pastor receives the application, you must complete it in it's entirety. Leaving anything blank (that is applicable to you) will slow the process down. 

Steps 6.

Once you've completed your course, you'll receive a CAMS completion letter, or MIP completion certificate. Once received, you'll be scheduled to take your exam. Once you pass your exam, you'll be presented your credentials at one of NYCOG state functions.**

**Please note, the ordained bishop application does not include a proctored class. Anyone who inquires for the ordained Bishop's exam is required to self-study, and order all materials themselves.


When ordained bishop applicants are ready, they may contact the state office to schedule the exam. 

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