There are four different levels within the Girls Clubs Ministry. 

Little Sweethearts (Preschool Ages 3-5), Bluebelles ( Grades 1-3), Joybelles (Grades 4-6) and YLM - Teen Girls Ministry (Grades 7-12). Please find below the description of the different clubs, the logos and curriculum materials. 

Contact our office at 516-694-5570 Ext. 13 or visit the International offices website for more information 


Year One: The Bible From A-Z.

Year Two: Gardens, Gifts and Giggles.

Year Three: Miracles, Manners & Music.

Price: $50.00 per year

Curriculum Design "The Little Sweethearts" curriculum is a three-year achievement series for preschool girls. The individual chapters are created with the understanding that children between the ages of three and five rely heavily on all five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) to learn. The program is based on twenty-six chapters which are created to be expanded or repeated to cover a twelve-month period. Each lesson is divided into small sections, such as class time, worship time, snack time, and activity time. The curriculum is designed to be purchased for the counselor. We have included a reproducible handout and as many copies as needed can be made to provide a most cost-effective program.

There is a poster and sticker set available to purchase for each student. After the completion of each chapter the child is allowed to place a sticker corresponding with lesson on the poster. At the end of each year, a completion badge is available and may be presented to each child. Year One: The Bible From A-Z utilizes the alphabet to teach biblical principles. For example, “A—Apple” teaches food is important for the body just as God’s Word is important for the soul. “B—Butterfly” introduces the concept that when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, we are a new creation. “C—Church” shows the importance of attending church. Year Two: Gardens, Gifts and Giggles relates gardening to teach the message of salvation; gifts of God which focus on love, eternal life, family and friends; and giggles (joy) to introduce children to the basics of a good, positive attitude. Year Three: Miracles, Manners & Music introduces children to the concept that Jesus performed miracles and still continues to do so today; teaches the importance of respect for others; and helps children develop new skills and enhance their imagination through listening to music. Merit studies are also available for the Little Sweethearts group and can be ordered by going to the home page and clicking on the shopping basket (online shopping) or by calling Pathway Press at 1-800-553-8506.


Bible InvestigationsDirector’s Manual $14.00 per year[/item][item]Journal and badges $18.00 per year.

* Student Production Kits also available—please visit our online store.
Curriculum DesignGet your microphone, video recorder and Bible ready! You’re going to use your investigative skills with the Bluebelles Television Production Team.
You will meet 12 important women of the Bible in Studio B. Through Bible Investigations, Bluebelles will discover their importance to God and learn many essential lessons that will help prepare them to meet the challenges of life. 

New Bluebelles will memorize the tenets in order to receive their official press pass and become investigators. Four assignment badges may be earned during the first year by completing lessons.


Bluebelles Investigators will advance in rank after they have completed the first year’s work by receiving their reporter press pass as they begin year two of their curriculum. Four additional badges may be earned during the second year. After completing year two, the anchor press pass will be awarded to all Bluebelles who begin the third year of curriculum. An additional four badges may be earned during the third year. Your Bluebelles will enjoy charting their assignments in Girls Clubs with their very own Bluebelles Production Journal. Each manual contains four units with enough material to keep your Bluebelles busy for one complete year. The director’s manual has many exciting features and is designed to be as teacher friendly as possible. Unit overviews are included to aid in long-range planning as well as detailed weekly lesson plans for the counselor on the go. When ordering, the Student Kit contains production journals (student manuals), press passes and badges for four girls to use over a complete year. Also, there are additional savings when you order two or more kits. The Counselor’s Kit includes the director’s manual, and the manual, press pass and badges for one student.Merit Studies (Prices range from $4.00 to $6.00 per study, includes badge) 

Pets Bearing Fabulous Fruit Visual Arts

Manners God’s Word *Fitness Fun.

Safety Attributes of Jesus Community Caregivers.

Prayer Princess Warriors Daughters of the King (**series of three studies)

Music Gathering Stones 

*Badge sold separately.**Daughters of the King series includes: The Wish Your Heart Makes, More to This Life, When Love Awakens You, both leader and student books.Merit Studies are also available for the Bluebelles group and can be ordered by clicking on the shopping basket (online shopping) on the home page or by calling Pathway Press 1-800-553-8506


NEW! Joy Belles Faith JourneyCurriculum DesignThis faith journey covers a three-year period with both a Mentor’s Guide and Joy Belles Faith Journey Guide. While the Mentor’s Guide is only available by year, the student Faith Journey Guides may be purchased by year or by section. Each guide is designed to fit in a three-ring binder (not included). It is recommended to begin in Fall and end in early Summer but the lessons can be started at any time. Each year’s book contains three sections. The Joy Belles Faith Journey three-year series is: 

Year One, Faith Blossoming (available now) 
Year Two, Faith: Growing (available now) 
Year Three, Faith: Living (available now)

The Mentor’s Guide begins with a toolbox section full of helpful teaching tips, resources, and forms. Each lesson begins with a Lesson at a Glance chart which allows the mentor to have a quick look at lesson content and materials needed. Each lesson contains an answer key box providing the answers for the Joy Belles Faith Journey Guide activities. Included at the end of each lesson is a Goodie Bag section which offers additional, optional ideas if time permits. Corresponding Merit Studies are included for review and suggested times to use them. Merit Studies are designed to supplement the curriculum and may be ordered separately for each girl (a list is included below).

Section One (12 Lessons) $12.95 
Section Two (12 Lessons) $12.95 
Section Three (12 Lessons) $12.95 
Award Sheet with sticker set (sold in sets of 2; 2 Awards Sheets, 2 sticker sets) $3.00 Year 
One Badge $3.50 Bible Reading Certificate $3.00

Bible Reading Certificate :
Mentor’s Guide (binder not included) $20.00 per year
Joy Belles Faith Journey Guide (full color—binder not included) $29.95 per year

The Joy Belles Faith Journey Guide includes activity pages and Joy Belle Journal pages that correspond with each lesson in full color. Not only will your girls enjoy working through the activities, but will use the journal pages to reinforce what they’ve learned that day about God’s Word and themselves. A Bible Reading is included in the beginning of the guide. Once the girls have completed their Bible Reading, a certificate is available for free download (click here) or can be ordered for a small fee. An Award Sheet and sticker set is available for each student and should be ordered to accompany the student book. It is recommended to place the Awards Sheet in a protective, clear binder sleeve and insert it into the student’s Faith Journey Guide. Once the Awards Sheet is completed, it can be presented to the student at the next award ceremony or special end-of-year ceremony. To order these products click here. You may also call Pathway Press at 1-800-553-8506 to place an order.


Bearing Fabulous Fruits 
Attributes of Jesus 
Gathering Stones 

Community Care Givers 
Princess Warriors 
* Fitness Fun
**Daughters of the King Series

*Badge is sold Separately. **Daughters of the King Series includes the following studies: The Wish Your


YLM Connection, Relationships and Beyond

Year One : $25.00 
Year One $25.00 
Year Two: $20.00 
Year Three : $20.00


is a three-year curriculum series for girls in grades seven through twelve. The curriculum is structured for maximum flexibility and a variety of group sizes and meeting frequencies. The curriculum’s main focus is that of the teen girl’s relationships in four specific areas: God, themselves, others and the church. Each section contains six lessons for a total of 24 power sessions per year. The class sessions address relevant issues relating to common concerns of teens today and can be taught in any order, depending upon the specific needs of individual groups.Regardless of the size of your church or club, you will enjoy a renewed exhilaration of a thriving Girls Club using this teacher-friendly curriculum. Opportunity is provided in each lesson for open communication and sharing experiences that address specific concerns.

The goals throughout the curriculum are to: 
Aid in understanding through the presence of perception during A Time of Change. 
Assist in personal and ministerial development with principles of participation in A Time of Choice. 
Prepare the teen girls to go on the offense, equipped with the power connection of the Holy Spirit bringing the product of power throughout A Time of Challenge. 
Bible Studies and Merit Studies (Studies do not include charm) Merit Studies and Bible Studies are also available for the teen girls A charm bracelet is also available. A charm is earned at the completion of each study and can be ordered separately.

These materials can be ordered by clicking on the shopping basket (online store) on the home page.You can also call Pathway Press at 1-800-553-8506 to order.
A Young Woman on a Journey to Excellence
A Young Woman after God’s Own Heart
A Young Woman’s Call to Prayer
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Wanting to Be Her
Every Young Woman’s Battle
And the Bride Wore White
Sexy Girls
Getting into Character, Take One!
Getting into Character, Take Two!
Daughters of the King Series(includes The Wish Your Heart Makes, More to This Life, When Love Awakens You—both leader and student books)





LifeBuilders is the name of our Men’s Ministry in New York. The name LifeBuilders denotes action taken concerning lives. We believe that it is the close association of men with the Master Builder Jesus Christ that is effecting true change among our men. For too long men have relegated spiritual leadership in the home and community to women, afraid to boldly step forward for God. Through LifeBuilders we are beginning to see change in this regard. God is raising up men who are willing to stand up and be counted for Christ.




  • Resurrection Breakfast

  • Man of Action

  • Pastor Appreciation Sunday

  • Father’s Day Recognition Sunday

  • Laity Alive

  • LifeBuilders Conference

Contact LifeBuilders President Noel Francis: Tel: 516-690-0811 



Those called to the ministry after their formal education has been completed often find that the opportunity to attend a college or seminary requires financial responsibilities that are difficult to meet, especially with a family. With the understanding that ministerial training is needed, the Church has instituted the Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS), a nontraditional training curriculum, that provides an opportunity for every minister to receive ministerial training in a Distance Learning Center or via personal or Internet study.

The Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) consists of 20 courses, offering 35 credits. Of the 35 credits, 34 are required for the CIMS certificate. While CIMS is open to any qualified applicant, the program was designed for ministers who hold Church of God credentials or who have been set forth for ministry by a local church.



The Certificate in Ministerial Studies program may be completed online over your home computer at your convenience. These dynamic studies include some of the most advanced Internet technology available such as streaming video, audio and text. Therefore, certain system requirements must be installed on your computer in order to view and complete the CIMS course curriculum.

For more detailed information on technical requirements for the CIMS program, visit the technical support page of this web site.

For a step-by-step tutorial for this site, which includes detailed information on the CIMS program, how to sign up and track your progress, visit our Program Path Page.

Please Note: The Church of God School of Ministry is authorized as a postsecondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and completion information on the programs offered by the Church of God School of Ministry, please visit and click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.





2 Corinthians 9:8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have abundance for every good work.

*Evangelism & Church Planting                                          *Outreach and Soul Winning

*Church Restoration & Revitalization                                  *Ministry Training

*Local & Regional Meetings




Matthew 28:19-20 -Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” USA Missions New York is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. The Great Commission is our Mandate, our calling and our challenge. Without a doubt, New York is a great Mission Field- one we cannot ignore. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 19 million people living in our state, yet less than 25,000 of New Yorkers are Church of God members. We have 160 churches and 12 missions which is nothing in comparison with the vast harvest field. Through this ministry we are challenged to:





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